We have been blessed to have radio interviews with people of renown, and would like to share them with you. Click on the links below to hear those broadcasts in their entirety.

Please visit our new companion website: Healing Word Radio for a categorized list of all our radio programs below.

Russell Waldin - Hearing The Voice Of God

Shawn Doyle - The Sun Still Rises - Healing Grief

Pastor Don Young - Prophetically

Kerry Kirkwood - The Power of Right Thinking

Christmas - The Word Was Made Flesh

Hanukkah - A Season of Miracles

Teresa Ward - Gateway To Dreams

Kay and Milan Yerkovich - Stress to Emotional Connection

Elaine Keith - Living Expectantly

Dr. Curt Thompson - The Soul of Shame Part 2

Dr. Curt Thompson - The Soul of Shame Part 1

Kerry Kirkwood - Power of Blessing

Donna Schambach - Anointing for Miracles

Jeanne Nigro - Unshaken

David Clarke - Happily Ever After

Tim Sheets - Angel Armies

Dr. Mark Biltz - Yom Kippur

Joe Pelligrino - 7 Pillars of a Man (Legacy)

Jonathan Burness - Feasts of the Lord

Amber Picotta - God's Feminist Movement

Robia Scott - Counterfeit Comforts

Neil Anderson - Spiritual Warfare

Cindy Beall - Rebuilding your Marriage - Infidelity

Mark Yaconelli - Gift of Hard Things

Teresa Liebscher - Sozo

Jennifer Eivaz - Intercessors Handbook

Ken Boa - Rewriting your Broken Story

Jane Hammon - Dream and Visions

Gillian Marchenko - Sun Shine Down (special needs)

Kerry Kirkwood - The Power of Right Thinking

Jacqueline Sheppard - Silent Takeover

David Hernandez - Carriers of His Glory

Don Nori - The Forgotten Mountain

Barry Ham - God Understands Divorce

Michelle Bengtson - Hope Prevails (Depression)

Gillian Marchenko - Still Life

Barry Ham - Unstuck

Gordon Smith - Consider Your Calling

Cindy McMenamin - 10 Secrets for Worry-free Moms

Margie Fleurant - Prayer

Richard Booker - It is Finished!

Rabbi Howard Silverman - Passover

John Koessler - The Radical Pursuit of Rest

Ron Jones - Mysteries of the Afterlife

Margie Fleurant - Focus (Part 2)

Margie Fleurant - Focus (Part 1)

Dennis and Jenn Clark - Releasing the Divine Healer Within

David Orton - Snakes in the Temple

Rebecca Greenwood - Let Our Children Go! Part 2 (teens)

Rebecca Greenwood - Let Our Children Go! Part 1

Pastor Jim Baker - When Heaven Invades Your Finances

Jennifer Rothschild - Living with Blindness


Pachabel Canon in D; with permission by "The Frets": Sandi Griffin, Nancy Blatt, Nancy Sturwold, Mauria Wideman


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